We demand Governor Polis pass an executive order freezing rent, utilities, evictions, foreclosures, and camping tickets without back payments nor taxation on assistance until this global pandemic and national emergency end.

We started organizing in response to the existing housing crisis being catastrophically exacerbated by income loss and other effects of COVID19.

Please check out our resources page to find any support you might need!

There you will find Resources specific to housing needs, including creating your own tenant union, as well as general assistance.

Unionize with your building

or your block for

power and protection.


  • Offer as many communication channels and languages as possible.
  • Ask people what they need.
  • Don’t incriminate yourself in unencrypted or non-secure spaces.
  • Find other properties under your landlord or management company.
  • Consider a regional union if your landlord is smaller.
  • Balance size and personal connection, both are important.


  • Find nearby tenant unions for support.
  • Meet (video chat, outside 6′ apart, etc) – be mindful of security.
  • Get input from everyone.
  • Come up with a plan everyone is invested in, act together.


  • Define specific, shared, achievable demands and a timeline.
  • Get everyone’s signature, address/unit #.
  • Deliver to the person with power to enact your demands.


  • Apply financial, political, and social pressure.
  • Get support from people outside your union.
  • Be loud and visible, make disputes public, obtain media attention, shame on social media, leave bad reviews, request legislature from local gov’t, document everything, call-in or park-in, storm email or comment forms, send complaints to orgs landlord is part of, tell your communities what you are up to, withhold or delay rent.
  • Create a situation where giving you what you want is their best option.