It is not news to anyone that we are in unprecedented times. The calls for cooperation from the public from government and community leaders for physical isolation for the safety and wellbeing of us all have largely been honored and with this has come an economic crisis of epic proportions. We need your help. We’re doing our part now and we need you to do yours in a way that honors the health and economic safety of more than just businesses and wealth holders. Your work is noticed and now what we need is for that work to become nuanced.  

We are a coalition representing common good needs of thousands of community members, organizations, collectives, and more who make the occupied Indigenous territories we call Colorado vibrant. There are so many calls for unity. AS The People, we have that unity. Now, we need it from you as leadership, too. What does this mean? It means we need you to, beginning April 1st and continuing through this crisis:

  • freeze (completely waive/cancel, not defer) collection of all rent, mortgage, and utility (phone, power, water and internet) payments, late fees, and automatically extend expired leases

  • close all court filings for evictions and foreclosures

  • immediately house houseless residents in unoccupied buildings, hotels, and other unused living spaces

  • cease ICE arrests/deportations; release vulnerable populations, demilitarizing and decarcerating non-violent offenders and political prisoners from jails, prisons, and detention centers

  • expand paid sick days and medical leave for all workers

  • expand unemployment, food stamp, disability income and family support request filings

  • eliminate all economic barriers to COVID-19 testing and treatment

  • guarantee childcare and safe alternate housing for essential workers

  • expand emergency production of and guaranteed access to PPE (personal protective equipment) for all essential workers

  • create an economic relief fund specifically for undocumented residents excluded from federal stimulus

  • learn about the specific needs of Indigenous people, Black and Brown people, LGBTQAI2S+ relatives, educators, freelancers, undocumented and documented immigrants, and low income workers, and work towards answering these needs as rapidly as possible.

These actions must be taken not for just 30 days, but indefinitely, for at least as long as a risk to public health and wellness remains. Government agencies and landlords alike MUST act honestly and effectively to prevent the pandemic from reaching beyond its current point. We are the most vulnerable members of our society and it is falling on our backs to bear the brunt of this crisis’ consequences. Drastic action must be taken!

Nothing demonstrates our fundamental interconnectedness like a pandemic. Our fates rise and fall together. Racial and economic equity for the common good is the way forward yesterday, today, and tomorrow — and in this moment, more crucial than ever! Be the leaders we believe you can be.

We make these demands in alliance and solidarity with Indigenous people, with Black and Brown relatives, with marginalized and disabled folks, with womxn and children, with allied community members who rise in solidarity, and with the guidance from the Emergency Economic Relief Actions for Colorado platform, released March 27th.

Leaders, landlords, Governor Polis, congressional representatives, ICE and all police chiefs across Colorado, do the right thing.